Short and simple: 5 videos on Estonian education

Five short videos will introduce Estonian education at EXPO Dubai in autumn 2021: from digital solutions to collaboration in higher education. You can find additional material in our marketing toolkit and more videos on Education Estonia Youtube channel.  Digital solutions in education How has Estonia become an exemplary digital society, and a “unicorn factory”? The […]

The secret weapon of Estonian education – educational technologists

To use the possibilities of technology wisely at school, you need someone who can find suitable solutions for the field of education. An educational technologist is like an interpreter between teachers and the field of technology. Diana Veskimägi, the head of the Estonian Association of Educational Technologists, believes strongly Estonian schools need many more educational […]

Estonia shared its digitalisation experience at the World Bank seminar

Experts from World Bank and Latin American and Caribbean countries discussed digital technology in education in times of pandemics. The online event was organized around three aspects of digital technology: access for all, access to digital finance and the importance of digital technology in education.  Heli Aru-Chabilan from Estonian Education and Youth Board shared the […]