Estonian initiative boosting student activity wins global award

The University of Tartu’s Move Lab in Estonia has achieved notable recognition by winning the Health-Promoting Schools Award at the MOVE Congress. This award is part of the ISCA Awards, honouring outstanding initiatives in Health-Enhancing Physical Activity. The Move Lab was selected from a pool of 55 eligible organisations and individuals, with the awards being […]

Boosting physical activity in school: Event with more than 30 000 players

Lack of physical activity and obesity among schoolchildren is a growing trend according to a study published by WHO. So how to encourage children to move and be active? Estonian School Sport Union (EKSL) in cooperation with the Estonian EdTech Loquiz found an ingenious solution to connect movement to gaming. Estonian School Sport Union has been actively different activities […]

How sport education in Estonia coped with Covid-19?

Sport has long been the most common hobby education among Estonian schoolchildren. One of the bigger problems sport clubs in Estonia faced during the lockdown have been how to sustain good communication and connection with their members, especially children, says Jane Kalda from the Estonian Foundation of Sport Education in an interview for the ENGSO […]

Move Lab aims to increase the share of outdoor learning

This year, 38 new schools from all across Estonia joined the education programme Schools in Motion. To balance the negative impact of the corona pandemic on pupils’ mental and physical health, the programme focuses on diversifying distance learning and integrating outdoor learning in school life. The education programme started five years ago and by now, […]