ALPA Kids – educational mobile games

ALPA Kids is creating educational mobile games for preschoolers, their parents and kindergarten teachers. The focus is on the child’s native language, local nature and culture.

7 000 languages don’t have content that is:

  • In the child’s native language
  • Educational
  • Culturally relatable

ALPA Kids application:

  • For children aged 2-8
  • Based on local culture & nature – easy to localize!
  • Games combined with off-screen activities
  • Co-created with teachers (Estonian and also target market’s teachers)
  • Great features (usable offline, adjustable audio speed etc)

Available in Estonian (since January 2020), Indian English (since August 2020) and Hindi (since September 2020). Want us to localize for your culture? Be sure to get in touch!


Digital solutions, Learning materials

Type of education

Pre-school education, Primary education

Target group

Children, Kindergartens, Students, Teachers
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