Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Good School Recognition programme “Good School as Values-based School”
In this programme, schools can apply for a good school quality badge. The purpose of the recognition programme is to develop skills for evidence-based self-analysis, to support values development in education, and to acknowledge the good work already done in schools.
The Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu has supported and recognised values based activities in schools since 2009. The self-analysis programme helps the participants to find their strength, peculiarities, development opportunities and –focuses. The Critical Friends of the CEUT and the good school project managers will assist the participants in the recognition programme and give them thorough feedback throughout the entire process.


Training, consultation & study visits

Type of education

Pre-school education, Basic education, Secondary education

Target group


Price / Cost

Based on agreement.


Nele Punnar (Good School project manager)nele.punnar@ut.ee+372 5384 8320