Rakett69 – educational TV contest

An award-winning annual science educational TV contest for young people is aimed at showing that STEM can be fun and hands-on, and that anyone can do it, while offering excitement, ideas and knowledge to both contestants and viewers. Students, starting from the age of 15 until they are in their 2nd year of university studies, can apply for the show that runs through 16 episodes. 15 contestants are carefully selected through a casting process. They solve assignments in groups and, from the 10th episode on, individually. Assignments demand creativity, vast knowledge and ability to use them for problem solving. In each episode, one contestant has to leave after a one-to-one scientific duel. The show goes on until there are only 2 contestants left.

ForĀ children, young people and adults, with the core audience of the show being technology-savvy viewers, those interested in science or addicted to shows that have a competitive nature about them.


TV programmes

Type of education

Secondary education, Vocational education, Higher education

Target group

Adult learners, Children, Students
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