Education and Youth Authority


Youth work quality assessment model: How to assess the quality of youth work on the local level and map the needs for future developments? Estonia has a systematic quality assessment model for the local level youth work that has been implemented and gradually further developed since 2010. It supports local municipalities in mapping and assessment of state-of-play in youth work services on the local level with the ambition to identify the needs for future improvements, through self-assessment and external expert evaluation. EYA would be happy to host delegations from other countries in order to introduce the approach, the practices, tools and impact of such quality assessment. We will also be able to assist with study visits to local municipalities who have taken the initiative for quality assessment of their youth work services and can share their practices and approach to a local level youth work organisation as such. Estonia has successfully cooperated with international partners through our expert visits to support development of youth work quality assessment models in diferent local contexts, incl. needs analysis and development of tailor-made approach; translation of materials etc. EYA would be happy to assist also in these formats.


Training, consultation & study visits

Type of education

Non-formal education

Target group

Youth policy makers, youth workers, administration on local level

Price / Cost

Specific approach will be designed based on the specific needs and interests.