Education and Youth Authority


Youth Work in Schools: What about non-formal education and youth work in schools? Estonia has a long tradition in the practice of youth work in schools with the aim to enhance the potential of non-formal learning and opportunities of young people as well as to support formal education by using the school setting and premises also for youth work. Furthermore, it is a strategic approach to encourage youth democracy and participation through school youth councils and hobby activities in schools. The systematic and structural support for that is provided by school youth workers, professionals working in school administrations, as well as through specific capacity building and training system for them. EYA would be happy to share the expertise with such specific and rather unique example of non-formal learning through presentations, dissemination of materials, expert visits and study visits to schools.


Training, consultation & study visits

Type of education

Non-formal education

Target group

Youth policy makers, youth work and education specialists, teachers

Price / Cost

Specific approach will be designed based on the specific needs and interests.