Talent development through hobby education


Talent development through hobby education: How do you make sure that your true talents are discovered and developed? There are surely many ways for that throughout diverse opportunities of non-formal education and the youth field. Yet, in Estonia there is a long tradition of the hobby education service that we are extremely proud of. It is a unique, curricula based non-formal learning service in which young people participate voluntarily to benefit from the long-term supervised support from professionals in order to develop their competences, be it in music, sport, tech, STEAM or other areas of their interest. It is also one of the most popular activities in the youth field in Estonia, with more than half of the overall youth population participating! To respond to that interest and need of young people, there is a vast network of hobby schools developed all over Estonia. In cooperation with respective umbrella organisations, EYA would be happy to share the know-how and experiences of that unique learning service and its support mechanisms through presentations, materials, expert visits and study visits to hobby schools.


Training, consultation & study visits

Type of education

Non-formal education

Target group

Policy makers, Specialists, Youth workers
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