Support service for NEET youth

Support service for NEET youth (young people who are not in education, employment or training): Youth Prop-Up is a specific service aimed at engaging those young people who are not involved in education, training or employment (NEET youth). Combining the expertise of open youth work and non-formal education, it aims at reaching out to young people, building up a trustful contact and meaningul support relationship with them through individual counselling, coaching and networking. More than 80% of young people are exiting the service with effective solution for their personal situation. The unique digital solution (LogBook) has been developed in order to support youth through monitoring and evaluation in the frame of this programme. In cooperation with the Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres and other partners implementing the programme, EYA would be happy to share the expertise related to this programme and more generally, related to the work targeted at NEET youth, through presentations, dissemination of materials, expert visits and study visits, etc.


Training, consultation & study visits

Type of education

Non-formal education

Target group

Policy makers, Specialists, Youth workers
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