Youth work in Estonia

Comprehensive youth policy approach: Meet the globally recognised comprehensive youth policy approach! Within the past 20 years Estonia has invested to develop an effective national youth policy, combining a diverse set of different services into evidence-based, engaging and systematic support to youth. We aim to ensure that each young person has ample opportunities for self-development & self-realization and becomes the best version of her-/himself through development of competences and talent. From societal perspective we see the youth policy as the key component to address the challenges and take up the full potential of democratic participation, life-long learning, sustainability of our culture, country and environment. The Estonian youth policy approach has found high-level recognition on the international level. EYA would be happy to host delegations in order to share the best of Estonian expertise on strategic development of the national youth policy and its impact, incl. presentations, intros to specific services and practices, materials. We will also be able to assist with study visits to youth field institutions and organisations with the aim to get insight into practice in Estonia.


Training, consultation & study visits

Type of education

Non-formal education

Target group

Educational institutions, Policy makers, Specialists, Youth workers
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