Training on databases and e-services


Training on databases and e-services (including those that storage educational information). The Center for IT Impact Studies (CITIS) at the Johan Skytte Institute for Policy Studies in the University of Tartu provides trainings on the usage of information stored in databases. The content of the training is to show how adapting machine learning methods to existing information can better target planned processes, one of the outputs of which is efficient resources management of process participants (incl. learner, teacher, exam/test organizer, service planner, database holder). The purpose of the training is to demonstrate that existing data can already provide significant time and resource savings, more accurate service management and a likely increase in process participants’ satisfaction. The data (including the results of tests and surveys) are held by members of (educational) organizations who are interested in using the data in a way that allows better targeting the planned processes, increasing the positive impact of the processes and saving resources.

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