Study visits to Tallinn University: Estonian educational innovations

Explore the many educational opportunities at Tallinn University

Tallinn University offers a wide range of educational programmes, consultations, and research initiatives that target various aspects of learning and teaching. From primary education to adult education, there’s something here for everyone—educators, policy makers, and learners alike.

Active study methods for open learning spaces

Learn how to optimise Smart Classrooms and Open Learning Spaces for educational settings through seminars and consultations. See more

Development programme for students’ general competences

This programme helps teachers and other educational specialists in enhancing students’ learning-to-learn, reading, and socio-emotional skills.  See more

Digital Learning Games Master’s programme

Focusing on the engaging and educational aspects of game design, this Master’s programme aims to bring people from different backgrounds together. See more

Future School – school development programme

A methodology to create a school and university partnership programme for evidence-driven innovation. See more

Induction year for novice teachers

Learn how to support novice teachers during their first years and mentors in developing their supervising skills. See more

Inspirations on Estonian educational innovations

Pre-ordered workshops covering various topics from a general overview of the Estonian educational system to specific innovations. See more

School monitoring survey

Methodology and consultation on how to monitor various aspects of school culture. See more

Tallinn University: Learning Analytics Toolbox

Tools for data collection, analysis and presentation to analyse learning processes at the classroom level. See more

The Educational Innovation and Leadership master’s programme

An open master’s programme targeting anyone whose work is or will be connected to education. See more

Inspirational presentations on Estonian educational innovations

To discuss the strengths and challenges of Estonian education and our school system, Tallinn University’s School of Educational Sciences has prepared several packages with inspiring short lectures for our international visitors. The speakers are experts in their field, who open up different aspects of Estonian education and its innovation and offer an opportunity for a lively discussion. Themes can be adapted or combined according to the guests’ wishes. See more



Training, consultation & study visits

Type of education

Primary education, Basic education, Secondary education, Vocational education, Higher education, Adult education

Target group

EdTech companies, Educational institutions, Headmasters, Policy makers, Specialists, Teachers, Universities, Youth workers
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