The Educational Innovation and Leadership master´s programme

The master´s programme is all about improving what matters the most – education. And doing it not according to some inner feeling, but on the basis of evidence and research. We believe that education is the foundation of everything, may it be citizenship, economy or governance. Our students are expected to be the co-creators of their learning process, if not the main leaders of it. Because they are the leaders of the 21st century, the leaders of the future! This is an open master’s programme which means we do not set any criteria to the field of a student’s former education. We are waiting for students whose work (or future work) is connected to education – school leaders, teachers, policy makers, representatives of non-formal education etc. The master´s programme is taught in the cyclical study form in English.

By Tallinn University


Study programmes

Type of education

Higher education

Target group

Adult learners, EdTech companies, Headmasters, Policy makers, Specialists, Students, Teachers, University students, Youth workers
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