Teacher training and educational research in Estonia

The Institute of Education, Tartu University provides research-based, pre-service training for teachers, special education teachers, speech therapists, and social pedagogies. Two programmes – Educational Technology (MA) and Educational Science (PhD) are taught in English.

There is also an extensive in-service training programme for teachers, heads of schools, and university teaching staff.

Study visits

The Institute of Education offers also programmes in English for groups on study visits.

  • Introduction of Estonian education system and teacher education, with a focus on University of Tartu
  • Development of digital competence model of learners
  • Development and assessment of general competencies in secondary school
  • Assessment of teaching materials in primary and basic education
  • Involvement of local educational leaders into international co-operation networks
  • Training program for initiators and leaders of professional learning communities in schools and kindegartens
  • Methods and environments of inquiry based learning
  • Development of electronic science tests with an assessment model and individual formative feedback
  • International student startup simulation for development of integrated competences
  • Intervention to support educators facing uncertainties of technology use and develop openness
  • Development of learning skills in digitally rich environment



Training, consultation & study visits, Study programmes

Type of education

Higher education, Adult education

Target group

Adult learners, Educational institutions, Policy makers, Teachers
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