Study visits to University of Tartu: Exploring Estonian education

Study visits to the Institute of Education, University of Tartu

Interested in teacher training or educational research in Estonia? The University of Tartu offers a comprehensive range of study visit programmes in English for groups interested in various aspects of education.

Our programmes are designed to give you a deep dive into specific educational topics:

  • Introduction of the Estonian education system and teacher education, focusing on University of Tartu: Gain a broad overview of how the Estonian education system functions, with special emphasis on teacher training at the University of Tartu.
  • Development of digital competence model of learners: Understand how digital competencies are nurtured in students from a young age.
  • Development and assessment of general competencies in secondary school: Learn about the different general competencies that are nurtured and how they are assessed in secondary schools.
  • Assessment of teaching materials in primary and basic education: Acquaint yourself with the criteria and processes for evaluating teaching materials used in primary and basic education.
  • Involvement of local educational leaders into international co-operation networks: Discover how local educators can become part of global educational initiatives.
  • Training programme for initiators and leaders of professional learning communities in schools and kindergartens: Learn about initiating and leading professional learning communities within educational settings.
  • Methods and environments of inquiry based learning: Explore the pedagogical approaches and environments conducive for inquiry-based learning.
  • Development of electronic science tests with an assessment model and individual formative feedback: Delve into the science and methodology behind electronic testing and feedback.
  • International student startup simulation for development of integrated competences: Experience first-hand how startups are being used as a teaching tool to foster various competences.
  • Intervention to support educators facing uncertainties of technology use and develop openness: Understand how educators are supported in adopting new technologies.
  • Development of learning skills in digitally rich environment: See how the University of Tartu fosters learning skills in an environment abundant with digital tools.

Alongside our primary offerings, the University of Tartu provides a diverse range of additional educational experiences worth exploring:

  • Assessment of teaching materials: A comprehensive programme involving theoretical introductions, individual work and reflection seminars targeted at teachers.
  • MOOCs by University of Tartu: Over 20 free online courses offered each year in a range of subject areas, targeted at university students and the general public.
  • Online Estonian courses: Advanced Estonian courses supported by teachers, making use of online resources and social media platforms like Skype.
  • Recognition programme for schools and kindergartens: A programme to develop skills for evidence-based self-analysis and values in education, aimed at educational institutions, kindergartens, schools and specialists.
  • Study programmes for universities and organisations: Custom short-term study programmes based on specific issues, targeted at educational institutions and universities.
  • Teacher training and educational research in Estonia: Comprehensive educational technology and science study programmes and study visits in English.
  • Values game: A game designed to deal with values development in educational settings, available for kindergartens, schools, and teachers.
  • Critical Friend Programme. Critical Friends are values-development counselors, who support schools and kindergartens to help them analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.
  • Estoñol – pronunciation training tool. A computer-assisted pronunciation training tool developed to help native speakers of Spanish to train their perception and production of Estonian vowels.
  • Study program to support technology use. Microdegree “Technology use in contemporary learning” offers the possibility to develop your capacity to meaningfully use technology in education.
  • Training for continuous education. The Skytte Institute offers professional training for both the public sector as well companies, including training on creating MOOCs, training on databases and e-services, and training on curricula development and teaching practices.
  • Training program for educational leaders. The program introduces the concept and benefits of professional learning communities and enables the participants to practice some active teamwork tools that can be applied to engage other professionals in their organisations.
  • Workshops for local educational leaders. Involvement of leaders into international co-operation networks: project management, development of 21st century skills and best practices.


Training, consultation & study visits

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Higher education

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Educational institutions, Headmasters, Policy makers, Schools, Specialists, Teachers, Universities
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