VIVITA International

VIVITA is an international creativity accelerator network and educational technology platform for kids and youths. VIVITA has no teachers and no formal curriculum. We are headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and are currently operating in Estonia, Japan, Singapore, South-Korea, Philippines, Lithuania and USA. The activities are driven by children themselves, and adults play a supportive and inspiring role in this journey. We believe this will increase children’s confidence and help them grow into talented responsible world-changers.

Our studios – VIVISTOPs are child-friendly, open-plan innovative workshops where kids can discover, experiment, and create by themselves. VIVISTOPs are free for all children. Our team – professional engineers, designers, producers, masters – is there for children to give a helping hand, share knowledge and guidance. Our activities are supported by hardware and software tools for prototyping, robotics and other creative tasks developed by the VIVITA team.


Digital solutions, Study programmes

Type of education

Primary education, Basic education, Non-formal education

Target group

Children, Students
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