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Soovite rahvusvahelistele külalistele näidata, mida teie kool pakub, kuid pole kindel, kuidas seda inglise keeles teha? Pakume eeskujuks välja ühe lihtsa lahenduse, mida saate vastavalt vajadusele kohandada – jätke välja üleliigne ja lisage, mis teie jaoks oluline. Kõige olulisem on, et lehelt leiaks kergesti väliskülalistega suhtleva kolleegi kontaktinfo.

Mida selgem on info, seda sujuvamalt läheb visiidi ettevalmistus.


About us

Welcome to [kooli nimi], a [Primary/Secondary/High/Vocational…] school situated in [asukoht]. We are home to [õpilaste arv] students. Our unique features include [a strong focus on STEM subjects / a rich arts programme / a diverse student body / advanced sports facilities]. We offer our students [a balanced curriculum / extracurricular activities / individualised learning plans / vocational training].


What you can experience during your visit

During your time here, you’ll have the opportunity to…

  • learn about our school, its management,
  • tour our facilities, including [libraries / sports complexes / art studios],
  • meet teachers and students,
  • explore our digital tools and technology infrastructure,
  • attend a class to experience our teaching methods first-hand,
  • observe extracurricular activities or clubs in action

We’re happy to showcase topics such as [sustainability / digital literacy / community engagement / student-led projects].


Visit details

Before your visit, we kindly ask that you provide us with the following details:

  • Group size. Our optimal group size is … to … people, but we’re happy to discuss accommodations for different groups.
  • Visit duration. A typical visit lasts for hours, but we’re flexible with half-day or full-day options.
  • Cost. The fee for a typical 2-hour visit for a group of … to … people is … EUR. For atypical visits, pricing can be discussed.


How to find us

You can find us at [Aadress]. Click here for a [Kaardilink].



To learn more or arrange a visit, reach out to [Nimi] at [Email] or [Telefon].

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