Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS) is the market leader in Estonian private higher education, located in the multiple award-winning Smart City called– Ülemiste City ( We are known for our dedication in building long lasting partnerships between the public/private sector and the university. These partnerships are championed by our staff, supported by their business background and EUAS applied research and multifaceted services to companies. The EUAS is an international university of entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and for the future entrepreneurs. In its 30 years in operation, EUAS has become the largest accredited private higher education institution in Estonia with over 1400 students and more than 6200 alumni. The EUAS is an international university with students from all over the world and accordingly studies are held in English, Estonian and Russian. At the EUAS, the students are offered intense contacts with the business world throughout their studies in the form of visiting lectures, regular informal meetups and internships. In addition to offering higher education, EUAS promotes entrepreneurship-based learning and the creative industries.