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Here you can find services and products in the field of education offered by Estonian education organisations and companies: digital solutions for schools, educational games, summer courses, mentoring programs, study visits and many others. To get a better insight into different aspects of Estonian education, also visit our blog.


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University of Tartu: MOOCs

The University of Tartu delivers each year more than 20 free online courses in different subject areas.

Higher education, Adult education

Target group:

University students; general public

Values game

Schools and kindergartens can order the playing of the game about the ways how to successfully deal with values development.

Pre-school education, Basic education, Secondary education
Learning methods, Games

Target group:

kindergartens, schools, teachers
VIVITA International

VIVITA is an international creativity accelerator network and educational technology platform for kids and youths.

Primary education, Basic education, Non-formal education
Digital solutions, Study programmes

Target group:

children, students
Workshops for local educational leaders

Involvement of leaders into international co-operation networks: project management, development of 21st century skills and best practices.

Adult education
Training, consultation & study visits

Target group:

headmasters, teachers
Youth work in Estonia

Comprehensive youth policy approach: within the past 20 years Estonia has invested to develop an effective national youth policy, combining a diverse set of different services into evidence-based, engaging and systematic support to youth.

Non-formal education
Training, consultation & study visits

Target group:

educational institutions, policy makers, specialists, youth workers