Stuudium is a suite of online apps for schools that connects teachers, parents and students. Study materials, information about academic progress and simple messaging are accessible in one online environment. It supports students in their learning process, parents are aware of their children’s progress in school, teachers have less administrative work and authorities have a […]

Training program for educational leaders

Training program for initiators and leaders of professional learning communities in schools and kindergartens. The program introduces the concept and benefits of professional learning communities and enables the participants to practice some active teamwork tools that can be applied to engage other professionals in their organisations.

Study program to support technology use

Intervention to support educators facing uncertainties of technology use and develop openness. The total planned duration of the program is 14 weeks. Institute of Education (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Interesting School

“Huvitav Kool” (Interesting School) is an initiative started by the Ministry of Education and Research. It’s objective is to encourage schools to respond better to the expectations of today’s society and make learning experience more stimulating and inspiring for both students and teachers. The initiative disseminates best practice and organizes networking events. During the first […]

Inspirations on Estonian educational innovations

“Inspirations on Estonian Educational Innovations” is pre-ordered workshop for a international study group by Tallinn University. The workshops are organized on different topics starting from general overview of the Estonian educational system and also covering more specific topics like inclusive education and students with special needs, youth work in Estonia, innovative practises in Estonian Teacher […]

EDUSPACE research lab

Services of research and training lab EduSpace is an ecology, where scientist’s knowledge could meet the “field” experience of other stakeholders. For example: scientists and teachers co-creating and co-researching new teaching and learning methods on technology-enhanced learning and teaching, field testing and providing evidence when implementing new educational technology provided by manufacturers, mentoring and supporting […]

School monitoring survey

School monitoring survey and follow-up consultation for a school is a methodology of how to monitor different aspects of school culture. After the survey is designed and organized by the university team, schools get their profiles which can be used for benchmarking at the national, district or school level. Tallinn University

The Substitute Teachers Platform

The Substitute Teachers Platform is a social enterprise offering a fast and high-quality lesson substitution service to general education schools via the it-platform. Our desire is to provide a high-quality substitution for each school lesson with as little effort in terms of time and energy as possible. A high-quality substitute lesson can be conducted by […]

The Educational Innovation and Leadership master´s programme

The master´s programme is all about improving what matters the most – education. And doing it not according to some inner feeling, but on the basis of evidence and research. We believe that education is the foundation of everything, may it be citizenship, economy or governance. Our students are expected to be the co-creators of […]