Recognition programme for schools and kindergartens

Good Kindergarten recognition programme “Good Kindergarten as Values-based Kindergarten” In this programme, kindergartens can apply for a good kindergarten quality badge. The purpose of the recognition programme is to develop skills for evidence-based self-analysis, to support values development in education, and to acknowledge the good work already done in kindergartens. The Centre for Ethics, University […]

Tallinn University: BFM Children’s Film School

The goal of the BFM Children’s Film School is to develop creativity, audiovisual literacy and media awareness in children by teaching them different values. In the learning process the child becomes a researcher, explorer and experimenter.

Estonian labour and skills forecasting system OSKA

Info session about Estonian labour and skills forecasting system OSKA – methodology, monitoring, exploitation of results. The OSKA forecasting system produces projections of the need for labour force and skills in all fields of the Estonian economy and compares these to the education and training offered by higher and vocational education institutions and continuing education […]

Estonian qualifications system

Info sessions about the contribution of the representatives of employers and employees to drafting occupational qualifications standards and organising occupational qualifications exams etc

Youth work in Estonia

Comprehensive youth policy approach: Meet the globally recognised comprehensive youth policy approach! Within the past 20 years Estonia has invested to develop an effective national youth policy, combining a diverse set of different services into evidence-based, engaging and systematic support to youth. We aim to ensure that each young person has ample opportunities for self-development […]

Talent development through hobby education

Talent development through hobby education: How do you make sure that your true talents are discovered and developed? There are surely many ways for that throughout diverse opportunities of non-formal education and the youth field. Yet, in Estonia there is a long tradition of the hobby education service that we are extremely proud of. It […]

Support service for NEET youth

Support service for NEET youth (young people who are not in education, employment or training): Youth Prop-Up is a specific service aimed at engaging those young people who are not involved in education, training or employment (NEET youth). Combining the expertise of open youth work and non-formal education, it aims at reaching out to young […]

TalTech: study visits

Study trips to TalTech University. Visitis of TalTech facilities, including guided tours regarding specific fields of interest.

The Educational Innovation and Leadership master´s programme

The master´s programme is all about improving what matters the most – education. And doing it not according to some inner feeling, but on the basis of evidence and research. We believe that education is the foundation of everything, may it be citizenship, economy or governance. Our students are expected to be the co-creators of […]

Inspirations on Estonian educational innovations

“Inspirations on Estonian Educational Innovations” is pre-ordered workshop for a international study group by Tallinn University. The workshops are organized on different topics starting from general overview of the Estonian educational system and also covering more specific topics like inclusive education and students with special needs, youth work in Estonia, innovative practises in Estonian Teacher […]