Online lessons: less homework and better behaviour of students

In online lessons, it is easier for the teacher to monitor the progress of each student, the students have less homework to do, and even the students’ behaviour is better – this is how teachers of one Estonian school describe the experience of their colleagues. Birgy Lorenz, IT development manager at Pelgulinna High School Tiina […]

Boosting physical activity in school: Event with more than 30 000 players

Lack of physical activity and obesity among schoolchildren is a growing trend according to a study published by WHO. So how to encourage children to move and be active? Estonian School Sport Union (EKSL) in cooperation with the Estonian EdTech Loquiz found an ingenious solution to connect movement to gaming. Estonian School Sport Union has been actively different activities […]

Lessons from distance learning: COVID as a catalyst for educational change?

Education experts from different countries shared lessons and challenges of distance learning on I-HUB4Schools webinar. The keynote speaker of the webinar was Prof Rose Luckin, who gave an overview of a recent distance learning survey on how to support educational ecosystems through technology. The main focus of the ‘Shock to the System: Lessons from Covid-19‘ […]

The secret weapon of Estonian education – educational technologists

To use the possibilities of technology wisely at school, you need someone who can find suitable solutions for the field of education. An educational technologist is like an interpreter between teachers and the field of technology. Diana Veskimägi, the head of the Estonian Association of Educational Technologists, believes strongly Estonian schools need many more educational […]

Developing independent learning skills in students

Distance learning clearly showed that almost a third of students are not yet able to study independently enough. The Estonian start-up Clanbeat is one of the first to focus entirely on supporting the development of a self-directed learner.  With Clanbeat, students will get used to aiming, planning, and also reflecting on their own learning. The […]

Distance learning: how is e-Estonia doing it? Tips and recommendations

When schools in Estonia had to change to distance learning again, this small school was ready. Learn what distance learning tips and decisions helped a teacher and mother of three to jumpstart learning in a way that could set an example. “I know what many parents are facing with their workload having soared, but it […]

How sport education in Estonia coped with Covid-19?

Sport has long been the most common hobby education among Estonian schoolchildren. One of the bigger problems sport clubs in Estonia faced during the lockdown have been how to sustain good communication and connection with their members, especially children, says Jane Kalda from the Estonian Foundation of Sport Education in an interview for the ENGSO […]

Estonia: school camps to cover education gaps

Six million euros is being set aside for summer camps for schoolchildren, preparing them for the next academic year and ironing out deficiencies caused by long periods on remote learning. The money is budgeted as part of the recently approved supplementary budget, issued in response to the latest coronavirus wave.  As many as 50,000 or […]

New report: what did we learn during the COVID-19 lockdown?

The unprecedented shift to remote schooling gave us the opportunity to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of remote schooling, but also to reflect on how education is being provided in general. The authors of the new European Commission report “What did we learn from schooling practices during the COVID-19 lockdown?” have interviewed in total around […]

Tallinn library wins European Citizens prize for online reading initiative

Tallinn Central Library has won an award for an initiative which sees librarians read books to children over the internet, helping parents when they need to work from home. This article was first published by ERR News. The library’s initiative “Loeme ette!” (“Let’s read for them!”) won the European Parliament’s European Citizens Prize 2020. The […]