Estonia: school camps to cover education gaps

Six million euros is being set aside for summer camps for schoolchildren, preparing them for the next academic year and ironing out deficiencies caused by long periods on remote learning. The money is budgeted as part of the recently approved supplementary budget, issued in response to the latest coronavirus wave. 

As many as 50,000 or more children will be able to participate in summer camps via the funding, which will be doled out to local government. Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna told ERR that: “We know that there are children who are have proven unsuited to distance learning and who have gaps in their learning. We need to look more closely at how to close the gaps that distance learning has left in education within three to four years.”

The exact content and syllabuses offered at the camps is not yet clear, and will be both dependent on future restrictions and coronavirus spread, as well as on local authorities, an education ministry spokesperson told ERR. 

Liina Kersna also said that schools themselves would have as much leeway as possible in designing courses and camps, while the details of how the money will be distributed is to be hammered out next week, at the ministry.

Read the full article on the ERR News.


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