The gift of gifted children

When discussing education systems, the focus is usually on low-performing students. Often the reasons for low performance are linked to the students’ disadvantaged socioeconomical or immigrant background: youngsters who struggle with their shortcomings, their motivation to learn and even to be at school. However, it is equally important to address the needs and challenges faced […]

Three Estonian solutions that enrich educational opportunities

One of the basic principles of Estonian education is that every child must be offered an education according to his or her abilities and needs. In addition to the state, companies specialised in educational technology also contribute to this. Eva Toome, Education Estonia The results of Estonian pupils in the international PISA study are among […]

Art makes students happier at school

Children who don’t feel well at school, will not be ready to learn and, in time, this sadly leads to a decrease in life satisfaction for students. Therefore, perhaps the real question should be – how can we support kids to create stronger connections in school? Creative therapy could be one of the solutions to make […]