Exploring Estonian education: insights from the field’s experts

31 January 2024
by Eva Toome


Education Estonia’s video presentations have been expanded with six new videos featuring experts who provide insights into the key aspects of its education system. These videos address the very questions frequently asked by visiting education specialists in Estonia.

The significant value of these videos is found in the voices of the practitioners themselves – those currently shaping the face of Estonian education or who have years of experience in the Estonian education system.

1. Kindergarten: Play as the cornerstone of learning

Early education’s key role in Estonia is brought to life by Kristina Märks, Headmaster at Kindergarten Meelespea. Her insights shed light on the holistic approach and play integration in early childhood education, emphasizing skill and value development.

2. E-services in education

The evolution of e-services in Estonian education since the Tiger Leap initiative in 1996 is explored by Evelin Kasenõmm, a University of Tartu lecturer. She discusses the variety of e-services and the principles underpinning these systems, illustrating Estonia’s commitment to digital education.

3. How Estonia uses data in education

Sandra Fomotškin, Chief Analyst at the Ministry of Education and Research, examines the pivotal role of data in shaping educational policies. Focusing on the Estonian Education Information System (EHIS), she reveals how data integration aids in strategic educational planning.

4. What does it mean to lead a school in Estonia?

Autonomy in Estonia’s education system is demystified by Mari Roostik, Principal of Jaan Poska Gymnasium. She offers insights into the practical aspects of educational autonomy, detailing her experiences in curriculum development and teacher support.

5. The activities of Estonian students beyond the classroom

Extracurricular activities in Estonia are highlighted by Kristiina Valk, Senior Youth Specialist. She presents the array of opportunities available for students, encompassing long-day programs, hobby education, youth centres, and Summer Youth Work Camps.

6. Support services – the cornerstone of inclusive education

Triin Oldekop, Counselling Services Manager, delves into Estonia’s inclusive education model. She focuses on the two-level counselling system, the importance of early intervention, and the collaborative relationship between schools and families in supporting each child’s educational journey.

Check out Education Estonia’s new video presentations here:

Featuring insights from key educational figures, the six new videos complement the existing collection of video presentations on our YouTube channel, enriching the understanding of Estonia’s educational practices and principles.


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