Vali IT! is making IT gurus out of non-tech professionals

“Without Vali IT!, I’m quite certain I wouldn’t be in this career at the moment,” said Annika Jõks, an English teacher turned IT expert highlighting how the programme changed her life. The mother of four now works as a Technical Support Coordinator at Helmes, Estonian IT company. The full article by by Blessing Oyetunde can […]

In Estonia, even kindergartens teach robotics

Estonians are taking care that our own Steve Jobs and / or Elon Musk could learn tomorrow’s skills already from early childhood. More than half of schools and a number of kindergartens in Estonia teach children programming and robotics through play, so that they would – without too much effort or screen time – pick […]

Short and simple: 5 videos on Estonian education

Five short videos will introduce Estonian education at EXPO Dubai in autumn 2021: from digital solutions to collaboration in higher education. You can find additional material in our marketing toolkit and more videos on Education Estonia Youtube channel.  Digital solutions in education How has Estonia become an exemplary digital society, and a “unicorn factory”? The […]

New school year, new challenges

Two school years affected by the corona are behind us. Every year, the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research publishes information material for schools, which summarizes and distributes news in the field of education. Here are some examples of news about the new school year. In Estonia, the new school year starts on September 1. […]

IT students have an opportunity to pass military service in the Cyber Command

Estonia, the first country to function as a digital service, has now initiated an innovative solution in cybersecurity education by offering a unique opportunity for IT students to pass military service in the Cyber Command of Estonian Defence Forces as part of their vocational studies. Estonia is among the 7 European countries, where military service […]

A program that helps Estonian children prepare for the future

“What do we teach when we teach a child programming? We teach them to think,“ says Kristi Salum, leader of the Estonian ProgeTiger program.  “I really believe in what Steve Jobs said: everyone should learn to program because it teaches you to think. Even today, it is difficult to find a field in the world […]

How Estonia is solving the shortage of ICT specialists?

As digitalisation has reshaped economies across the world, it has also resulted in a shortage of skilled ICT workers. However, Estonia – the country ranking 1st in Europe in OECD’s international survey PISA – has yielded excellent results resolving the shortage with the right educational policies in place. From technology education programme ProgeTiger to Unicorn […]

ProgeTiger – Estonian way to create interest in technology

In 2012 Estonia launched the ProgeTiger programme to create interest in technology and improve technological literacy and digital competence of teachers and students. Various courses and training have been undertaken to this end, including programming, robotics and 3D technology, which have proved to be very popular. The goal of the program is to provide children […]

Estonia shared its digitalisation experience at the World Bank seminar

Experts from World Bank and Latin American and Caribbean countries discussed digital technology in education in times of pandemics. The online event was organized around three aspects of digital technology: access for all, access to digital finance and the importance of digital technology in education.  Heli Aru-Chabilan from Estonian Education and Youth Board shared the […]