Short and simple: 5 videos on Estonian education

6 September 2021
by Eva Toome


Five short videos will introduce Estonian education at EXPO Dubai in autumn 2021: from digital solutions to collaboration in higher education. You can find additional material in our marketing toolkit and more videos on Education Estonia Youtube channel

Digital solutions in education

How has Estonia become an exemplary digital society, and a “unicorn factory”? The digital turn started already in the mid 1990’s.


What makes Estonian education system successful?

From kindergarten to universities, from digital services to outdoor classes – lifelong learning is a lifestyle in Estonia. 


Study possibilities in Estonia

In Estonia, you can study anything from arts and humanities to business, engineering and IT – there are over 150 programmes fully taught in English in Estonian universities. For more information, see Study in Estonia.

Smart classroom – how does it work?

A big part of unlocking student motivation for learning depends on creating a physical environment that fits their needs. Awareness of this is raising in academic and policy-making levels, increasingly reaching schools and leading to the adoption of learning spaces where students are freer to use their surroundings to fit their learning goals. Such spaces blend innovative student-centred design, technology, and encouragement of active learning methods.

The smart classroom consists of different learning areas: interaction and presentation area, exchange area for the group work, development area for individual work, create and investigate area for hands-on learning, and listening area. 


In Estonian universities, collaboration is a key

Estonian universities have a focus on cooperation with both the private sector and other universities worldwide and cooperation network Adapter gives access to more than 3,500 research experts.



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