New study: PISA success stories in Europe

A new study analyses PISA results of different educational systems to find out, how some member states of the EU have been able to improve their performance over time while student performance in the world is generally deteriorating. Education plays an important part in determining social participation, well-being and employability; it is associated with higher […]

PISA expert: Estonians believe in education

The reason why we interviewed an expert from Estonia, is simple, writes Alexander Kaffka in Caucasian Journal: “Because Estonian students are the best in Europe. According to recent PISA results, the Estonian 15-year olds have Europe’s highest scores in all disciplines.” Can you outline 3 main factors (or more, if you wish), which led to […]

Educational innovation in Estonia — getting ready for the future

“What are the reasons behind Estonia’s education system success? What part does technology play in it?” asks Victoria Klimova in her blog post about the Winter School at Tallinn University. Last January, before the pandemic crisis shifted everything online, I attended a winter school at Tallinn University School of Educational Sciences. The program included various […]

New book discusses PISA 2018 results in 10 countries

A new book on PISA 2018 results analyzes 10 countries with very different educational systems, including Estonia. The open-access book “Improving a Country’s Education: PISA 2018 Results in 10 Countries” was published by Springer. The book was edited by Prof Nuno Crato, former minister of Education of Portugal. The Estonian chapter “A Positive PISA Experience” […]

PISA 2018: Young Estonians are citizens of the world

OECD released the final volume on PISA 2018 data. The report “Are students ready to thrive in an interconnected world?” discloses young people’s attitudes towards global issues. According to the survey the attitudes of Estonian students towards global problems are similar to their peers in other countries. Minister of Education and Research of Estonia Mailis Reps is […]

Estonian education system provides equal opportunities for all

A comparative analysis on equality in education was published today by the OECD. The OECD PISA 2018 results demonstrate that Estonia, a top-performer in PISA tests, stands out for providing equal opportunities and Access to education for all. The Volume V „Effective Policies, Successful Schools“ of OECD PISA 2018 results focuses on how national education […]

Equity made Estonia an educational front runner

“Estonia has combined a belief in learning with equal-access technology to create one of world’s best education systems,” writes Kevin Dickinson on the Big Think web portal.  Estonia became a top performer in the most recent PISA, a worldwide study of 15-year-old students’ capabilities in math, reading, and science. PISA data showed that Estonia has […]

PISA 2018: Estonian students rank 1st in Europe

The skills of Estonian students rank 1st in Europe according to the OECD’s international survey PISA. The share of top performers has increased while the share of students performing below the baseline level has decreased. The results show that the level of education provided by the basic school is not dependent on the socio-economic background […]

Estonian students come first in PISA 2018 financial literacy assessment

Financial literacy is an essential life skill.  The new release of data by OECD on knowledge, skills and attitudes towards financial topics of 15-year olds in 20 countries are of special interest in the current situation. Estonian students participated in the optional financial literacy assessment as part of PISA 2018 and showed the highest mean score of 547 […]