Infosystems support school life


Every modern school depends on information and communication technology. 

In Estonia, both the state and private companies provide educational institutions ICT services that support learning and teaching, making school life more efficient and smooth.

Digital solutions for school management

E-diaries for schools and kindergartens

eKindergarten ELIIS is an online software solution that provides innovative and digital solutions for pre-schools and kindergartens to organize their daily work. ELIIS is easily manageable to people otherwise not so familiar with computers. 

The two most widely used web applications for schools in Estonia are eKool and Stuudium providing an easy way for parents, teachers and children to collaborate and organize all the information necessary for teaching and learning.

Study Information System Tahvel, meant for vocational and higher education institutions, helps to make teaching and learning more effective through data exchange and process automation.

Learning materials

All Estonian students of all study levels are able to use free digital learning materials that make school bags lighter and learning more exciting, allowing learning anywhere and anytime – one only need a smart device and Internet connection. 

State-provided E-schoolbag – the portal for digital learning materials – helps to find the educational materials located in different digital tools. The search engine contains materials for basic, general and vocational education. 

Privately owned OPIQ provides digital textbooks for all study levels and all subjects. 

Find out more about digital learning materials provided in Estonia in our database. 

Moodle for lessons

Many schools in Estonia use the internationally popular e-learning environment Moodle for lessons and information exchange. The Education and Youth Board of Estonia offers Moodle free of charge to general and vocational schools in Estonia. 

Examination System

Estonia also provides an environment for conducting national and school-based exams in an electronic format. E-Tests and the e-Assessment database EIS is linked to the Estonian Education Information system and data exchange platform X-Road. This makes it possible for people to obtain the relevant information from the system according to the target group.

Student admission systems

Managing applications manually is too time-consuming for today’s standards. 

Student Admission System SAIS makes the application and admission process convenient by using data stored in public registers. 

Several international university application systems have been built using the Estonian DreamApply platform, which has developed a student recruitment and marketing system that contributes to increasing the number of enrolled students by concluding and solving different problems, such as having all relevant information related to the admission available in one place and reducing irrelevant e-mailing and administrative work for university personnel.

HarID for user administration

The easy-to-use personal information and user account management system HarID, designed for educational institutions, is suitable for the administration of user accounts and integration with existing systems. Thanks to HarID, everyone have a secure access to the education information systems.

E-solution to support lifelong learning

Continuing Education System gives an overview of training courses for teachers. The education system also makes it easier to register, give feedback and report for school administration.


In order to make evidence-based decisions, we need data. Some of the educational data in Estonia is public to everyone (HaridusSilm), some is intended for use within the field. Read more on databases used in Estonian education.

However, you cannot use digital solutions without an Internet connection. All Estonian schools got their first computers and were provided with the Internet in 2001 already thanks to the Tiger Leap program and Estonia continues upgrading the digital infrastructure of schools.

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