Conditions for an educational solution that has been on the market for at least 6 months

The Education Estonia homepage displays products/services that must comply with the following conditions:

  • The product/service must have an educational value (for example, it has to offer an innovative solution to a certain educational problem, to simplify certain processes etc). In case the product/service main target group is not the education sector, please point out in its description in which way the product/service is related to education i.e., how it can be implemented in education (what practical educational value it offers to the consumer).
  • The product/service must be meant for the international market.
  • The product/service provider must submit a short description of the future plans of their organization (also about export markets) and expectations regarding cooperation with Education Estonia.
  • The organization offering the product/service must be registered as a legal person in the Estonian Business Register (e-residency is also accepted).
  • The product/service must have at least 6 months of experience in the sphere of Estonian education or in a related market. The turnover must be recorded in Estonia; or the product/service has to have its users, either in Estonia or at international markets. In case there is no turnover, the legal person must have paid labor tax or state tax in Estonia during the last calendar year. As proof, please add the annual report.
  • The product/service provider cannot have any tax debts; any previous tax debts should be paid and discharged.
  • The product/service provider must submit a list of attributable references with contact information.

We kindly ask the applicant to submit proof of all the above-listed conditions.