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Education Estonia offers two services to the Estonian educational solution providers:

To add your service to the Education Estonia website and receive the accompanying marketing support, you need to follow steps below.* 

If you qualify to the terms for receiving the introduction service on the Education Estonia website, then please fill in the Education Estonia application form. 

After that, we evaluate the application and give you feedback.

The provider of the educational solution eligible for the presentation service on the Education Estonia website must sign the code of conduct. You are free to choose either the Estonian or English version for signing:

After signing the document and forwarding it to the Education Estonia project manager, the contract is deemed to have been entered into by the Education and Youth Board.

Want to become a Member of Education Estonia? Find the information on applying here.

* You can read the complete instructions approved by the Education and Youth Board here: in English, eesti keeles.

Education Estonia
application form

Acceptable file types: png, jpg, jpeg, svg. Max file size: 3MB


The information on the following online application is confidential and is used only by Education Estonia.

Acceptable file types: pdf. Max file size: 5MB

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Please send your application for the review and you will be announced about the decision by the Education Estonia.

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