Are we resolving a crisis or creating a future?

The current emergency situation has been hard on both teachers, who have had to transfer their classes to distance learning practically overnight, as well as school leaders who have had to support and motivate their employees. How can we reshape the learning process and create conditions for teacher (co)operation?

Schools taking part in Tallinn University’s Future School development programme attempt to answer this question based on their own experiences, describing, among other things, changes that have taken place in their school management during the emergency situation.

At their monthly meeting, the schools of the Future School development programme analysed their experiences and interpreted them from a managerial standpoint. Solutions to new-found challenges were sought together.

A saying common to the discussions became the centre of attention – the crisis was viewed as an opportunity. Analysing the aftermath of these rapid reorganisations revealed that this is the best time to implement changes, which, up until now, had simply been words. Management that drives studies forwards, supporting teacher learning and motivation as well as their need for cooperation is becoming a reality. Read more


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