Enhancing learning through digital integration

The University of Tartu’s Digiefekt study, supported by the Ministry of Education and Research, explored the impact of digital technologies on education from 2020 to 2023. The study offers detailed insights and actionable recommendations for educators, developers, policymakers, and researchers. The researchers examined how digital tools like devices and online platforms affect students’ learning outcomes […]

Estonia’s digital education quality label now open to international applicants

Estonia, recognised for its achievements in digital education, invites educational institutions and professionals to apply for the Digital Education Quality Label. This certification, provided by the Estonian Quality Agency for Education (HAKA), has been a benchmark for excellence in digital and blended learning since 2008. Now, it’s available to educators worldwide. Why apply? The Digital […]

Exploring Estonian education: insights from the field’s experts

Education Estonia’s video presentations have been expanded with six new videos featuring experts who provide insights into the key aspects of its education system. These videos address the very questions frequently asked by visiting education specialists in Estonia. The significant value of these videos is found in the voices of the practitioners themselves – those […]

Online lessons: less homework and better behaviour of students

In online lessons, it is easier for the teacher to monitor the progress of each student, the students have less homework to do, and even the students’ behaviour is better – this is how teachers of one Estonian school describe the experience of their colleagues. Birgy Lorenz, IT development manager at Pelgulinna High School Tiina […]

Teachers improve their digital competence in Digital Accelerator

Since 2018, Estonian schools have received digital training, mentoring in the Digital Accelerator – a digital competence development programme in which the entire school teaching staff take part. Kerli Požogina, the programme manager of the Digital Accelerator (Estonian Digikiirendi) believes that the schools participating in the programme have received significant encouragement to use digital technology. […]

Minister Liina Kersna: public-private-partnership in education helps to study in a smarter way

“If we, governments, and entrepreneurs work together, then the question of who gets educated or not can no longer arise,” said Liina Kersna, the Minister of Education at EXPO Dubai, stressing the importance of public-private-partnership in education. “Education technology can nowadays bring knowledge to those who cannot attend school. We need a variety of learning […]

Estonian education in the spotlight at Expo 

During the EXPO Knowledge and Learning Week, a high-level Estonian education delegation will visit Dubai and many education solutions will be on display. Estonian Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna will attend the discussion at the RewirED international conference, and former Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, Ambassador-at-large for Education Birgit Lao, and several representatives of […]

Solutions for smart learning – Estonia at EXPO 2020 Dubai

The past two years have seen major challenges in organising education and teaching and a significant increase in the role of digital technology. The need to use more technological tools in schools has increased the importance of educational technology services. In the winds of change, it’s high time to think about new smart solutions that […]

How to support the mental health of young people?

How to support the mental health of students when it is not possible to meet? The corona crisis has put the adaptability, flexibility and caring of us all to the test. In addition to insecurity and anxiety, the crisis, fortunately, provided new opportunities and ways to support the mental well-being of both students and teachers.  […]

The secret weapon of Estonian education – educational technologists

To use the possibilities of technology wisely at school, you need someone who can find suitable solutions for the field of education. An educational technologist is like an interpreter between teachers and the field of technology. Diana Veskimägi, the head of the Estonian Association of Educational Technologists, believes strongly Estonian schools need many more educational […]