Empowering Learners with AI in education

In response to the expanding role of AI, Estonia is advancing its educational methods, placing importance on AI literacy among educators. The Education and Youth Board has rolled out a teacher training course, “How to make AI work for you”. The comprehensive programme consists of 14 hours of online study and an additional 5 hours […]

The AI debate in Estonian education: A balanced approach

As the new school year arrives, teachers and the education ministry alike are revisiting the question of artificial intelligence (AI). The overriding opinion seems to be that instead of banning it, AI should be adapted to, and ways to make it work to one’s advantage should be explored, reported Estonian TV lately. AI tools such […]

Unleashing the power of AI in education

The AI revolution is here. Ready or not, whether we want it or not, it is here. Its profound impact can already be observed and we must prepare for what is coming, particularly in education. However, the outcome of this impact, whether it proves to be beneficial or detrimental, depends not solely on technological advancements […]

Lingvist: Revolutionizing language learning with AI

Lingvist is an Estonian EdTech and language learning platform that uses the most advanced AI technology to help people around the world learn a new language smarter and faster.  The article was first published on the Global Estonian website. CEO and co-founder Mait Müntel – a physicist and CERN alumnus with a Ph.D. from Tartu […]

EduTech Talks: what is Estonia’s vision of personalised learning? 

EDUtech is coming to Europe on 5-6 October 2022 in Amsterdam. 250 leading minds in education from across Europe will be presenting stories, showcasing innovation, and the very best EdTech solution providers will be demonstrating the solutions that are changing the way education is delivered. Technology is changing how we learn, what we learn and […]

Lessons from distance learning: COVID as a catalyst for educational change?

Education experts from different countries shared lessons and challenges of distance learning on I-HUB4Schools webinar. The keynote speaker of the webinar was Prof Rose Luckin, who gave an overview of a recent distance learning survey on how to support educational ecosystems through technology. The main focus of the ‘Shock to the System: Lessons from Covid-19‘ […]

Experts from Estonia, Finland and UAE discussed personalised learning at EXPO

Education experts from Estonia, Finland and the United Arab Emirates discussed the future of education at the panel ‘Personalised Education Empowered by Technology’. The discussion was aired live on EXPO 2020 Dubai Youtube channel on December 16 2020. See the link to the recording below.  2020 has been a challenging year, but such unprecedented times […]

Estonia to unleash AI for personalisation of education

Although we understand that every student is unique, teaching in schools is still optimised to an average student. To get beyond this, the Education and Youth Board and the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia have started building a personalised learning path infrastructure. The infrastructure enables the collection and usage of personal learning experiences while respecting […]

Estonia introduced developments in AI in education

Dr Peep Küngas from Education and Youth Board Estonia had a keynote at German Alliance Digital Summit to share recent developments about the use of AI in education in Estonia. The topic for this year’s event was ‘Looking to the future’ and it was aimed to explore the positive things learned from this year and […]