A new chapter in Estonian education: Uniting through instruction language

‘We have been preparing for a long time to switch teaching to Estonian. This aims to give all children the chance to get a quality education in Estonian, create equal job chances, and improve how well we all get along,’ says Ingar Dubolazov, head of the transition to teaching in Estonian at the Ministry of […]

Exploring Estonian education: insights from the field’s experts

Education Estonia’s video presentations have been expanded with six new videos featuring experts who provide insights into the key aspects of its education system. These videos address the very questions frequently asked by visiting education specialists in Estonia. The significant value of these videos is found in the voices of the practitioners themselves – those […]

New book: In-depth analysis of the Estonian education system

In the new case study, widely respected Estonian educational experts share their understanding of the factors behind Estonia’s successful educational outcomes. The recently published book, “Aim High and Work Hard. Building a World-Class Learning System in Estonia,” authored by renowned Estonian education scholars Eve Eisenschmidt, Mati Heidmets, Maie Kitsing, Mikk Kasesalk, and Kätlin Vanari presents […]

PISA 2022: Estonia consistently among the world’s best

The PISA 2022 educational survey published on December 5th 2023, shows that the knowledge and skills of Estonian 15-year-olds are at the absolute top in Europe and in the top eight in the world, with the top countries in Asia. This time, the study focused on mathematics but also assessed students’ skills in science and […]

An Estonian island school is designing education

What happens when a school principal is a designer? Saaremaa State Gymnasium offers insights into how design thinking can transform education. The article by Marian Männi was published first on the Research Estonia webpage. Saaremaa State Gymnasium opened its doors two years ago. Situated on the largest Estonian island, this shiny new building accommodates over 500 […]

Balancing innovation and tradition: Interview with Minister of Education on Estonian education

Estonia’s Minister of Education and Research, Kristina Kallas, recently sat down with e-Estonia to discuss the nation’s educational landscape. The conversation delved into the key factors behind Estonia’s educational success, digitalisation’s role, and the sector’s future goals. The interview offers insights into how Estonia maintains its global competitiveness in education while balancing traditional teaching methods […]

School leadership in Estonia: Autonomy in focus

What’s it like to run a school in Estonia, where autonomy is a key feature of education? “We have lots of freedom, sure, but it’s more about what you do with it,” says Mari Roostik, Principal of Jaan Poska Gymnasium. As a school principal in Estonia, she acts as a top executive, guiding her school […]

New book: Insights from 5 leading education systems, including Estonia

In a rapidly changing world, the quest for the perfect education system is an ongoing endeavor. Parents, educators, and policymakers around the globe are constantly seeking inspiration from the world’s leading education systems. The book “Building a World-Class Learning System: Insights from some top-performing school systems” by Geoff Masters delves into the educational landscapes of […]

The AI debate in Estonian education: A balanced approach

As the new school year arrives, teachers and the education ministry alike are revisiting the question of artificial intelligence (AI). The overriding opinion seems to be that instead of banning it, AI should be adapted to, and ways to make it work to one’s advantage should be explored, reported Estonian TV lately. AI tools such […]

Estonia’s State Exams to Become Electronic

Estonia’s state exams will be gradually digitized, with plans to make them entirely electronic by 2027. Estonian and foreign language exams will be among the first to be digitized in 2025,* followed by high school exams in 2027. Education and Youth Board (Harno) believes that electronic exams are useful for measuring the skills students need […]