Estonia hopes to turn school canteens into restaurants

Last October saw the launch in Estonia of the ‘Farm-to-School’ project, which in a nutshell is about offering school kids meals made with ingredients sourced locally. The brainchild of the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), the project aims to improve kids’ health and promote small producers. Launched simultaneously in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the project […]

How Estonia put “e” in education?

Estonia relies strongly on its citizens’ digital skills, enabling them to use a wide range of online services. However, the government recognised its responsibility to help people to obtain the required skills and focused strongly on the group with the biggest impact – its children and youth. The article by Erika Piirmets, digital transformation adviser at […]

Online lessons: less homework and better behaviour of students

In online lessons, it is easier for the teacher to monitor the progress of each student, the students have less homework to do, and even the students’ behaviour is better – this is how teachers of one Estonian school describe the experience of their colleagues. Birgy Lorenz, IT development manager at Pelgulinna High School Tiina […]

3 Things I Learned from the Country with Europe’s Best Schools

“You’ll marvel at Estonia’s education system.” Writer and learning enthusiast Eva Keiffenheim shares key lessons she learned during her four-day study trip to learn more about education in Estonia. The article was first published in Eva Keiffenheim’s blog. “At our schools, we don’t have homework,” 11-year old Ulvar told me during a school visit to […]

War and education challenges in the 21st century

The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine has created the biggest human catastrophe modern-day Europe has experienced. Millions of Ukrainians, mostly women, children and other vulnerable groups were forced to leave their country. How do we ensure fleeing children continue to pursue their education? And what skills do we all need in order to prepare ourselves […]

Estonia’s educational solutions received a lot of attention in London

Estonian education was showcased at the International EdTech event Bett 2022 in London for the first time. In addition to the education technology solutions, Estonia’s rapid and flexible response to the organisation of the education of Ukrainian children and young people in Estonia attracted attention. There was great interest in Estonia in London, both at the fair and […]

Estonian educators keep in touch with their partners in Ukraine

Estonia has close educational co-operation with Ukraine. Now, during the Russian aggression, many of the educators here have been in direct contact with their colleagues in Ukraine to show their support. One of the largest ongoing co-operation projects in the field of education is the Better Skills for Modern Ukraine (EU4Skills) programme for the modernisation […]

Estonia takes the preparation for future work seriously

Many of today’s schoolchildren will be working in professions that do not even yet exist. What to recommend to young people facing a career choice? Are there any “bulletproof” future work specialities that will never leave you in trouble? Since automation will result in major job losses in many industries, what should students focus on […]

Teachers improve their digital competence in Digital Accelerator

Since 2018, Estonian schools have received digital training, mentoring in the Digital Accelerator – a digital competence development programme in which the entire school teaching staff take part. Kerli Požogina, the programme manager of the Digital Accelerator (Estonian Digikiirendi) believes that the schools participating in the programme have received significant encouragement to use digital technology. […]

Minister Liina Kersna: public-private-partnership in education helps to study in a smarter way

“If we, governments, and entrepreneurs work together, then the question of who gets educated or not can no longer arise,” said Liina Kersna, the Minister of Education at EXPO Dubai, stressing the importance of public-private-partnership in education. “Education technology can nowadays bring knowledge to those who cannot attend school. We need a variety of learning […]