Three ways public-private partnerships are transforming education. Insights from Estonia

For a long time, it has been a common understanding in many countries that governments are solely responsible for the provision of education. However, Estonia proves that cooperation between the state and the private sector helps to study in a smarter way. From EdTech start-ups to entrepreneurs, the Estonian education system shows that private-public partnership […]

ProgeTiger – Estonian way to create interest in technology

In 2012 Estonia launched the ProgeTiger programme to improve technological literacy and digital competencies of teachers and students. Various courses and training have been undertaken to this end, including programming, robotics and 3D technology, which have proved to be very popular. The goal of the program is to provide children and youth with the skills […]

What are Estonian schools doing differently during the second wave?

The digital solutions became a lifeline, which helped Estonia continue learning and teaching in the corona spring. And Estonia did well. The survey showed that in comparison with neighbouring countries, students in Estonia were more satisfied with distance learning. (Telia Survey, Spring, 2020). However, in the new school year, Estonia has avoided full distance learning.  […]

Encouraging teachers to use STEAM tools

In order to encourage teachers to use more different STEAM tools in their practice, researchers from Tallinn University produced a selection of teaching materials for students of teacher training. The materials help to teach environmental topics like soil, ocean, biodiversity, water and climate by using robotics, VR etc.  According to the recent Digital Compass 2019 […]

OECD study: early learning in Estonia, England and USA

IELS is a new OECD study that aims to provide reliable data that enables countries to analyse and improve children’s early learning experiences. In 2018, a large-scale main study was carried out in Estonia, England and the United States. The aim of the IELS study is to collect detailed information on early learning and key […]

Estonian tech firms invest in public education

‘I think it does not sweep anyone off their feet hearing that young women are less likely to continue their academic path in IT or to choose their career in tech compared to men,’ writes Anett Numa, the digital transformation adviser at the E-Estonia briefing centre. ‘We do not perceive this pattern only in Estonia […]

University of Tartu is one of the best in emerging Europe and Central Asia

In the newly published ranking list of universities from emerging Europe and Central Asia, the University of Tartu has reached second place. This is also the highest among Estonian universities. The ranking list has been compiled by the international consultation firm Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). QS has been ranking the best universities from emerging Europe and […]

Experts from Estonia, Finland and UAE discussed personalised learning at EXPO

Education experts from Estonia, Finland and the United Arab Emirates discussed the future of education at the panel ‘Personalised Education Empowered by Technology’. The discussion was aired live on EXPO 2020 Dubai Youtube channel on December 16 2020. See the link to the recording below.  2020 has been a challenging year, but such unprecedented times […]

New book discusses PISA 2018 results in 10 countries

A new book on PISA 2018 results analyzes 10 countries with very different educational systems, including Estonia. Find the link to the open-access book “Improving a Country’s Education: PISA 2018 Results in 10 Countries” below. The book was edited by Prof Nuno Crato, former minister of Education of Portugal. The Estonian chapter “A Positive PISA […]

Estonia to unleash AI for personalisation of education

Although we understand that every student is unique, teaching in schools is still optimised to an average student. To get beyond this, the Education and Youth Authority in Estonia has started building a personalised learning path infrastructure. The infrastructure enables collection and usage of personal learning experiences while respecting privacy and ensuring security. Often people think that […]