Estonia ranks 4th in Media Literacy Index 2022

Estonia has been ranked fourth in the Media Literacy Index 2022, produced by the Open Society Institute-Sofia.

Finland, Norway, Denmark and Estonia, followed by Sweden and Ireland, with nearly identical scores, are at the top of the ranking of the Media Literacy Index 2022. As in previous years, Finland remains No. 1 among the 41 European countries in the index. These countries have the highest potential to withstand the negative impact of fake news and misinformation due to the quality of education, free media and high trust among people.

The index cluster analysis shows certain geographic patterns as the best-performing counties are located in clusters in Northwestern Europe.

This edition of the index comes at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it an “infodemic” and now “infowars” have been active alongside an actual war in Ukraine, both turbo-charging disinformation and the threats emanating from it.

The Media Literacy Index was first published in 2017 and included 35 countries, while the 2022 edition has added several more countries, bringing the total to 41 countries in Europe included in the assessment.

Source: How It Started, How It is Going: Media Literacy Index 2022, Open Society Institute - Sofia.


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