Estonia’s digital education quality label now open to international applicants

Estonia, recognised for its achievements in digital education, invites educational institutions and professionals to apply for the Digital Education Quality Label. This certification, provided by the Estonian Quality Agency for Education (HAKA), has been a benchmark for excellence in digital and blended learning since 2008. Now, it’s available to educators worldwide.

Why apply? The Digital Education Quality Label acknowledges the excellence of your digital courses, distinguishing your institution in the field of innovative education. Applicants receive detailed evaluations from experienced professionals in digital education, offering valuable insights for continuous improvement. The quality label supports your institution’s commitment to advancing digital education through the adoption and development of effective practices.

Who can apply?

The quality label is open to higher education lecturers, vocational school teachers, and general education teachers worldwide. Eligible courses must have been conducted at least once, with feedback collected and analysed from learners. Both fully online courses and blended learning programmes can apply.

Application process

The application involves three stages:

  1. Self-assessment: Conduct a self-evaluation based on provided criteria to understand and meet the quality requirements.
  2. Organisational review: Submit your course for a review by your institution, including feedback from leadership and learners.
  3. Expert evaluation: External evaluators assess the course against a detailed rubric, providing feedback and deciding on the award of the quality label.

Benefits of the quality label

Receiving the Digital Education Quality Label allows you to display the certification in your course materials and online environments, enhancing your reputation and attracting more learners. Additionally, it opens up opportunities for collaboration and sharing best practices within a global network of quality digital educators.

More information about the application process and benefits can be found on the HAKA website and download the one-pager.


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