COVID-19 didn’t affect the exam results in Estonia

23 November 2020
by Eva Toome


The state examinations show that the average results of the students this year are like those of previous years despite the COVID-19. Though, the results should not be compared by year as the exams were not essential to graduate from high school this year.

In the last academic year, students had the option of taking the state exam in Estonian or Estonian as a second language and in mathematics. As the exams were voluntary this year, not all students decided to take them.

For example, 87% of registered students decided to take the broad mathematics exam and 57% the narrow exam. The average result in the narrow mathematics exam was 36.4 points. This result was on par with that for 2019 (36.4 points). The average result for the extended mathematics exam was 51 points (2019: 51.1 points).

Aimi Püüa from the Education and Youth Authority says that despite the distance learning this spring, quite a lot of students still decided to take the state exams and did rather well in them. But she stressed that comparing schools based on this year’s results should be avoided.

Some students took exams, some declined to take any. Others chose to sit a single exam or took additional exams in autumn. The additional state exams took place in September and October and were open to those who wished to improve their spring scores, but also for those who had not taken the exams before.


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