Empowering teachers: The teaching and learning framework

In line with Estonia’s Education Strategy 2035, which emphasises diverse learning environments and learner-centred education, experts have developed an effective learning support framework. And we have great news for all educators – this Estonian-developed framework is now available in English, thanks to EU support. Ingrid Maadvere, an educational technologist and one of the authors of […]

iHub4Schools: A Journey of digital innovation in schools

The international iHub4Schools project, coordinated by Prof. Kairit Tammets from Tallinn University, recently concluded, marking a significant milestone. The project united nearly 1000 individuals from five countries, fostering a collaborative environment transcending borders. One of the project’s key achievements was the development of a School Mentoring Model designed to support teachers in implementing digital innovations […]

From books to bytes: libraries and digital literacy in Estonia

I am not sure if it has occurred to anyone, but Estonians are not, in fact, born with a unique digital gene. You know, the one that would somehow justify the development of our very advanced digital society. A digital nation, if you will, where 99% of the public services are online. And where people […]

Estonia: insights from the digital training programme for teachers

Estonia has been at the forefront of digital innovation, with the Digital Accelerator programme being an excellent example of driving digital transformation in education. The programme involves the entire school team and focuses on developing digital skills systematically, providing training opportunities for school management and teachers. The programme has been successful in schools of all […]

How Estonia put “e” in education?

Estonia relies strongly on its citizens’ digital skills, enabling them to use a wide range of online services. However, the government recognised its responsibility to help people to obtain the required skills and focused strongly on the group with the biggest impact – its children and youth. The article by Erika Piirmets, digital transformation adviser at […]

Teachers improve their digital competence in Digital Accelerator

Since 2018, Estonian schools have received digital training, mentoring in the Digital Accelerator – a digital competence development programme in which the entire school teaching staff take part. Kerli Požogina, the programme manager of the Digital Accelerator (Estonian Digikiirendi) believes that the schools participating in the programme have received significant encouragement to use digital technology. […]

Lessons from distance learning: COVID as a catalyst for educational change?

Education experts from different countries shared lessons and challenges of distance learning on I-HUB4Schools webinar. The keynote speaker of the webinar was Prof Rose Luckin, who gave an overview of a recent distance learning survey on how to support educational ecosystems through technology. The main focus of the ‘Shock to the System: Lessons from Covid-19‘ […]

A program that helps Estonian children prepare for the future

“What do we teach when we teach a child programming? We teach them to think,“ says Kristi Salum, leader of the Estonian ProgeTiger program.  “I really believe in what Steve Jobs said: everyone should learn to program because it teaches you to think. Even today, it is difficult to find a field in the world […]