Estonian EdTech companies showcase innovation at London summit

At the recent EdTechX summit in London, Estonia’s EdTech companies stood out, demonstrating the country’s leading role in the future of education. The event highlighted Estonia’s commitment to using technology to enhance learning.

Estonia’s presence at the event was significant, with several EdTech companies showcasing their innovative solutions: Futuclass, Edumus Education, KideoCall, Navicup, SpeakTX, Praktikal, and Key2Enable. Each company had the opportunity to present its solutions at the Estonian pavilion, thanks to the support of Education Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Research, and EdTech Estonia.

Estonia’s President, Mr. Alar Karis, was also in attendance. In his speech, he underscored the importance of collaboration between governments and entrepreneurs in the EdTech sector. He said, “EdTech, the marriage of education and technology, provides us with the tools and solutions to overcome obstacles, offering more support for education professionals and ensuring better accessibility and quality of education.”

President Karis also highlighted the potential for collaboration between Estonia and the United Kingdom in education technology. He encouraged the creation of new partnerships, stating, “Together, we can create a global EdTech community, sharing ideas, experiences, and best practices to drive meaningful change in education.”

Looking to the future

The event also featured a panel discussion with Aivar Hiio from the Ministry of Education and Research, Maria Rahamägi from Edumus, and Rachel Sylvester, a journalist from The Times. The panellists discussed future directions in education, emphasizing the role of technology in addressing current challenges and shaping the future of learning.

Estonia’s Special Envoy on Education and EdTech, Kaili Terras, echoed this sentiment in her speech: “Estonia has the ambition to take utmost out of the immense potential where education and technology cross each other. We have a deep desire to take action and lead the way to the future – to personalized education.”

Estonia’s strong presence at the EdTechX summit in London underscores the country’s commitment to educational innovation. With a thriving EdTech sector and a forward-thinking approach to education, Estonia continues to set the pace for the future of learning.

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