Estonia introduced developments in AI in education

12 November 2020
by Eva Toome


Dr Peep Küngas from Education and Youth Board Estonia had a keynote at German Alliance Digital Summit  to share recent developments about the use of AI in education in Estonia.

The topic for this year’s event was ‘Looking to the future’ and it was aimed to explore the positive things learned from this year and new definitions for the future of learning based on lessons learned. 

Education and Youth Authority of Estonia continues working on personalised learning path infrastructure and is about to launch two AI pilots to identify in which extent predictive models can be used to personalise education. One of the pilots is about using machine learning for training models for diagnostic testing. And another is about personalisation of learning paths.

“Education is highly personal,” said Dr Peep Küngas, Data Architect at Education and Youth Authority. “And to enable effective personalisation in education, we need to understand, which parts of education should be personalised,” he explained the rationale behind the pilots.

Personalised learning path infrastructure plays a significant part in the personalisation of education and digital transformation. It is the key enabler in making IT systems to understand each other: “Digital transformation in education is a global challenge,” he added. “It requires changing the mindset, developing new competencies and making IT systems to understand each other.”

Peep Küngas encouraged participants to join forces in standardisation to co-create digital services, which are easy to combine for personalised learning paths. Estonia aims at standardising the personalised learning path infrastructure such that it is open to educational services and where data is governed by actors who created it.


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