Estonian educators keep in touch with their partners in Ukraine

25 February 2022
by Eva Toome


Estonia has close educational co-operation with Ukraine. Now, during the Russian aggression, many of the educators here have been in direct contact with their colleagues in Ukraine to show their support.

One of the largest ongoing co-operation projects in the field of education is the Better Skills for Modern Ukraine (EU4Skills) programme for the modernisation of vocational education in Ukraine. Only recently, in February, Estonian education expert Raul Ammer visited Ukraine to agree on further activities.

The project will provide training and consultations, also the vocational education information system will be developed in cooperation with Ukrainian partners. Also, the cooperation in the development of curricula also continues.

Due to COVID19, many of the project’s seminars, workshops and consultations have been successfully transferred online, and we have agreed with our Ukrainian partners to continue as soon as circumstances allow.

In one of the Estonia-Ukraine cooperation projects – “Sharing Estonian Experience in Support of Vocational Education Reforms in Ukraine” participated 7 Estonian and 8 Ukrainian vocational schools. Altogether more than 150 Ukrainian teachers participated in the masterclasses. Photo: Education and Youth Board of Estonia

In addition to Estonia, Germany, Finland and Poland are participating in the cooperation project for the modernization of vocational education in Ukraine, and the project is funded by the European Union and partners.

Close cooperation:
from counselling to masterclasses and internship

The Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Center has been cooperating with the Lutsk Vocational School and the Torchinski Vocational School since 2018. In Lutsk you can study to become a hairdresser or a tailor, Torchinski school offers wood and metal specialities. Estonians and Ukrainians have visited each other several times to share experiences, and joint events have been organised. The most memorable of them probably has been the international professional competition “Viru Welder”.

Also, the Tallinn School of Mechanics has partners in Ukraine. For example, in 2019, a master class for welders was held by internationally recognised teacher Tatiana Karaganova held a master class for welders in Kamin-Kashirskiy.

Olustvere Service and Rural Economics School has partnered with the Kolkov Vocational Training Center of Ukraine. Together with this agricultural school, they have been carried out several joint projects. Estonian school has helped the Ukrainian school with computers, projectors and various other devices, advised on curricula, conducted training, etc. Also, Ukrainians have visited Estonia and participated in the international plowing competition and fair. During the war, people keep in contact with their partners several times a day. Thanks to that, Estonian partners are aware of what is happening.

The partner of the Tallinn Service School has been the Lyubomlsky Lyceum in Volhynia,” says Meeli Kaldma, director of Tallinn Service School. “Both schools offer the profession of chef and waiter, and the Estonian partners have supported the lyceum in preparation of the development plan, also advised the creation of curricula and on implementing of new methodologies. Also, Ukrainian teachers have had the opportunity to do internships here in Estonia.”

Valga Vocational Education Center has been cooperating closely with Kamin-Kashirskyi Higher Vocational School. Ukrainian teachers have become acquainted with Estonian vocational schools and participated in masterclasses and training. Very important has been the sharing of internship experience – over the years, nearly 20 Ukrainian students have attended an internship at the Valga Vocational Education Center in Estonia to acquire modern production technology methods. 

Cooperation between educational institutions continues to this day. “The exchange of experiences is beneficial for both sides,” says Nataliia Melnyk, a representative of the Kamin Kashirskiy school. “Despite the thousands of kilometres that separate our countries, we feel the support of our Estonian colleagues during the war in Ukraine. We are confident that the victory will be ours, and cooperation between our schools will continue at a new and even greater pace.”

Everyone living in Estonia can support Ukraine by donating and offering help: 


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