Empowering teachers: The teaching and learning framework

12 September 2023
by Eva Toome


In line with Estonia’s Education Strategy 2035, which emphasises diverse learning environments and learner-centred education, experts have developed an effective learning support framework. And we have great news for all educators – this Estonian-developed framework is now available in English, thanks to EU support.

Ingrid Maadvere, an educational technologist and one of the authors of the framework, says, “Today’s teachers and schools are expected to do a lot. We must keep up with a changing world, various laws, the latest learning strategies, mental health, physical activity, etc. It’s not easy in this situation, and it may feel like something is bound to slip through the cracks. The framework can help here, as it draws attention to important points.”

Kriste Talving, also one of the authors, states, “The topics in the framework are like basic hygiene knowledge for anyone involved in learning and teaching. As a teacher at Pärnu Vanalinna Põhikool, I would add that this thorough yet pleasantly compact and specific aid helps shape the learning process and environment where the learner can be nurtured, mentally and physically healthy, and motivated to learn, grow, and enjoy the entire journey.”

Five topics

The Teaching and Learning Framework is structured around five distinct topics, each designed to address different aspects of the educational process.

Effective learning and motivation

One of the core principles of the framework is the focus on effective learning and student motivation. The framework provides methods and strategies that not only facilitate learning but also engage students in the process.

Mental and physical well-being

The framework places a strong emphasis on the mental and physical health of students. It recognises the importance of a safe and supportive environment, as well as the benefits of physical activity in academic performance.

Digital competence

In today’s digital age, the framework incorporates the meaningful and purposeful use of digital technology. Digital competence is not an end but a means to facilitate the learning process.

Legal considerations

Educators are also guided on how to properly handle educational materials and data, with a focus on the Copyright Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Estonia’s Teaching and Learning Framework is a robust guide for educators, offering a balanced approach to effective learning, well-being, and digital competence. It serves as an excellent resource for education professionals looking to navigate the complexities of modern education.

Learn more: Teaching and Learning Framework 


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