Innovative ideas to support distance learning

12 November 2020
by Eva Toome


Startup Estonia together with the Education and Youth Board held the Education Upgrade Hack 2020 – a hackathon looking for innovative ideas that could change the world of education and support distance learning. Within 48 hours 21 participating teams formed their ideas into prototypes.

Among teams, there were educational experts and technologists, teachers, entrepreneurs, business developers, programmes, designers etc. All together 36 ideas were received, 23 pitched in the hackathon’s opening event, and 21 made it to the hackathon’s closing event. The six of them won the prize.

The winners

Grand prize 5000 €  went to Taut  – the new faster way for teachers to leave feedback on student work. Grand prize 3000 € was received by KG – the tool for schools and teachers to quickly find the best digital solutions they need. 

Special prizes

  • SmartBites, a platform to bring together students in need for some learning assistance 
  • Academics, a self-management tool for students to support mental health with gamification elements.
  • Rich Kid, an app-based solution to teach money wisdom to children
  • TEMU, a personalized digital workbook for the Estonian Health Museum. 


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