Vocational education. Sharing of best practices

Pärnumaa Vocational Education Center (Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus) is an innovative vocational training centre in the South-West of Estonia, Pärnu, focussing exclusively on highly technical skills that help prepare students for a specific trade. The school offers different types of training programmes and is happy to accommodate study visits to share good practices. Pärnumaa Vocational Education Center […]

Reality Maker – Do the physically impossible!

Mobi Lab augmented reality platform enables schools to create an engaging and memorable learning experience for their students. Schools can build exciting digital learning materials as life-like 3D objects which students can discover in the classrooms or remotely at their homes.


Tutor.id is a private tutoring platform that connects students searching for a tutor with tutors looking to generate additional income. Tutor.id makes the business of tutoring easy. We empower tutor-preneurs to build one-man online schools while also connecting tutors with students. Our target group is certified tutors who already have a successful business that needs a […]

VIVITA International

VIVITA is an international creativity accelerator network and educational technology platform for kids and youths. VIVITA has no teachers and no formal curriculum. We are headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and are currently operating in Estonia, Japan, Singapore, South-Korea, Philippines, Lithuania and USA. The activities are driven by children themselves, and adults play a supportive and […]

99math – social gaming platform

Efficient math practice that kids love. Social practice platform for 1st-8th grade teachers to accelerate results and save lesson time.

ALPA Kids – educational mobile games

ALPA Kids is creating educational mobile games for preschoolers, their parents and kindergarten teachers. The focus is on the child’s native language, local nature and culture. 7 000 languages don’t have content that is: In the child’s native language Educational Culturally relatable ALPA Kids application: For children aged 2-8 Based on local culture & nature […]