Tech Heroes Club

Community based educational platform and tool-kit to boost tech and entrepreneurial skills for kids and youngsters is a private tutoring platform that connects students searching for a tutor with tutors looking to generate additional income. makes the business of tutoring easy. We empower tutor-preneurs to build one-man online schools while also connecting tutors with students. Our target group is certified tutors who already have a successful business that needs a […]

VIVITA International

VIVITA is an international creativity accelerator network and educational technology platform for kids and youths. VIVITA has no teachers and no formal curriculum. We are headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and are currently operating in Estonia, Japan, Singapore, South-Korea, Philippines, Lithuania and USA. The activities are driven by children themselves, and adults play a supportive and […]

Rakett69 – educational TV contest

An award-winning annual science educational TV contest for young people is aimed at showing that STEM can be fun and hands-on, and that anyone can do it, while offering excitement, ideas and knowledge to both contestants and viewers. Students, starting from the age of 15 until they are in their 2nd year of university studies, […]

Digital Learning Games Master’s programme

Tallinn University is the only university in Estonia where game design is taught with a focus on digital learning games. We emphasise the engaging and educational aspects of games while others deal with business or technical aspects. The main objective of the Digital Learning Games Master’s programme is to bring together people with different backgrounds, […]

The Educational Innovation and Leadership master´s programme

The master´s programme is all about improving what matters the most – education. And doing it not according to some inner feeling, but on the basis of evidence and research. We believe that education is the foundation of everything, may it be citizenship, economy or governance. Our students are expected to be the co-creators of […]