Timeline: What helped Estonia to start distance learning?

The COVID 19 crisis was kind of useful by evoking certain developments we have been talking in Estonia for years. The future of futurists suddenly became the reality for everyone when everything had to be transferred to remote learning almost overnight.

When the Government of Estonia decided to close all educational institutions from March 16 due to Covid-19, all schools had to provide education solely through digital learning tools. Though preparations for digital learning have been going on for years in Estonia, the year 2020 will have breakthrough importance in education. Alone the number of users of e-learning platforms has increased by ten folds.

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HITSA (starting from Aug 2020 Education and Youth Board) promotes the use of ICT in education and supports the preparation of highly competent IT specialists in Estonia. They partner with schools to modernize education, inspire the interest of young people in technology. The organization also supports raising the standards of IT education, provide educational institutions with information systems, and offer local network solutions to schools and a high-speed optical data network for research institutions in Estonia.

Watch the timeline with some of the main milestones of this process in Estonian education:



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