Watch video: Estonian education success story at NordEd conference

10 May 2021


The NordEd conference can now be found available online, including two presentations on Estonian education by education experts Birgit Lao and Gunda Tire.

What are the success factors behind the PISA rankings of Estonia? What have been the strategic steps taken to succeed so well, but also lessons learned or proven, and implemented best practices in the education sector from the Nordic countries? See the video presentations by Birgit Lao, Diplomatic representative for Education, and Gunda Tire, National Coordinator of PISA Estonia.

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But there were much more at NordEd conference: find the recordings of presenters from Nordic and Baltic countries through the link to the Nordic Council of Ministers in Lithuania’s Youtube channel.

Estonian education success story. Part 1

Estonian education success story. Part 2

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NordEd is an initiative that aims to enhance Nordic-Baltic co-operation in the field of education by facilitating fruitful debate between policy makers and the wider public on relevant educational topics, as well as by providing best practices of education from the Nordic-Baltic region. First NordEd conference in May will focus on Nordic education model, teacher motivation and training, distance learning, innovative education and other topics.

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