New book discusses PISA 2018 results in 10 countries

29 November 2020
by Eva Toome


The new book on PISA 2018 results analyzes 10 countries with very different educational systems, including Estonia. The open-access book “Improving a Country’s Education: PISA 2018 Results in 10 Countries” was published by Springer.

The book was edited by Prof Nuno Crato, former minister of Education of Portugal. The Estonian chapter “A Positive PISA Experience” points out that “Estonian education system stands out as a high performing system where students from different socio-economic backgrounds achieve high results. There are many aspects that have contributed to the success of Estonian education.” The chapter will look at the historical background, describe the factors, policies and conditions that have contributed. The author of the Estonian chapter is Gunda Tire from Estonian Education and Youth Board.

Book launch webinar 

Gunda Tire was also one of the authors introducing the new book at the webinar book launch on Dec 3th, 2020. Authors of the book’s chapters discussed the 2018 PISA results for the countries where they live and their general implications. The conversation was moderated by education writer and Forbes contributor Natalie Wexler. Watch the webinar here:

Estonia ranked 1st in Europe in PISA 2018 results

In PISA 2018, Estonian students ranked first among European countries in all three domains of assessment. Estonia ranked fifth in Reading, fourth in Science and eighth in Mathematics among all participating countries and economies.

The book is one of the first or even the first, discussing the results of PISA 2018. It analyses how ten different countries have evolved and what makes countries change. The countries discussed in this volume represent a wide variety of educational systems. From Australia and Taiwan in the East to European countries England, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Portugal, and Spain, in Europe, and to Chile and the United States, in the Americas. The open-access book was published by Springer.


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